Guidelines for Writing and Submitting a Conference Paper Proposal

Submitting Your Paper Proposal

Submitting your proposal online is easy. The Call for Papers page lists conferences currently accepting paper proposals. Clicking on a conference name will take you to information about the meeting. The submission form can be accessed from either the Call for Papers page or from the meeting page. Obtain necessary company clearance from your management before submitting your paper proposal. Ensure that your management understands that if your proposal is accepted, you will be required to prepare and submit a full manuscript for the conference proceedings and to present the paper at the conference. The submission form asks specific questions. All information on the form should be provided.

  1. Enter a title that is concise yet descriptive of the primary content and application of the proposed paper. Company names and trade names are not permitted in paper titles.
  2. List the Corresponding Author (the author with whom PLAN correspond on all matters concerning the paper) name, company affiliation, and complete contact information (address, phone number, e-mail).
  3. List any coauthors in the order in which they should be printed in the program. Include each coauthor’s company and contact information. This information is needed for the conference program and to send coauthors information on registering and attending the conference.
  4. Most conference program committees require authors to select technical categories for their papers. This information is used to direct your paper proposal to the best-qualified committee members for review. Select the most appropriate technical categories from the list for that meeting. (For most meetings, the list will be found separate from the online submission form on the website.
  5. The list of technical categories will always be included in the printable (pdf) form.) Most “Call for Papers” Proposals include “Other” in the category list with a blank to fill in topics that are not on the list.
  6. Submit your paper proposal in time for it to be received by the submission deadline. If your paper proposal is received after the deadline, it may not be considered.

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