Guidelines for Writing and Submitting a Conference Paper Proposal

Papers presented at PLAN conferences are selected by program committees from proposals (abstracts of the proposed presentation) submitted by authors. Each conference has its own Program Committee. The number of proposals accepted for a meeting depends on program size (the number of sessions), technical coverage (the topics to be covered), and number and quality of paper proposals. Because program committees look for the best contributions, writing an effective paper proposal is important.

Criteria for Selection

Your proposal should demonstrate clearly that your paper:

  • Will contribute to pipeline technology, particularly in the area identified as the technical focus for the specific meeting, or will present other information of immediate interest to E&P professionals
  • Will present information that is technically sound.
  • Will present new knowledge or experience, the substance of which has not been published previously.
  • Will not be overly commercial in nature and will not promote specific companies, products or services.

Paper Proposal Organization

Your paper proposal should contain enough information to allow the Program Committee to make an accurate judgment of the content of your paper and presentation. Paper proposals should be around 300 words, which should be ample if you organize your text along the following lines:

Description of the Paper

– Outline the scope and nature of the work upon which the paper is based (e.g., field data, laboratory data, original analysis, or computer work). If the paper is a review paper, make the extent of coverage clear. Results, Observations, and Conclusions – Summarize the results and major conclusions to be presented in the paper and state how these differ from previous work on the same subject. State whether new information will be revealed and whether data from field, laboratory, or computer will be included.


– Describe the possible applications of the knowledge provided in the paper.

Technical Contributions

– Describe the significance of the proposed paper by listing up to three technical contributions or additions to the technical knowledge base of the pipeline industry.

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